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Why does my car need regular maintenance? 4 Advantages of regularly getting your car serviced


For all types of vehicles, regular maintenance is an important part of your vehicle’s health. Just like our health, regular assessments, like annual physicals, help us keep a pulse on our health and wellness. To ensure your vehicle is operating properly and to prevent future issues, regular maintenance, usually every 6 months or 5,000 miles, is essential for your car or truck. 

Why every 6 months or 5,000 miles?

Advantages of regular maintenance include:

1.Safety for you and others on the road 

Above all else, safety should be your number one priority. If your car has an issue that is unknown to you, regular maintenance can catch it before your car causes injury to you or anyone else on the road. Driving a car with issues you are unaware of can be extremely dangerous to the driver, the passengers, and other cars around you. 

2. Prevention of bigger issues

When eyes are regularly on your vehicle, little issues are fixed before they compound into larger issues. By taking your vehicle in for regular checkups, you save money on larger, unforeseen problems in your car and help keep it healthy for longer periods of time. Big problems are usually ones that compound from multiple little concerns. 

3. Save money in the long run 

Because you don’t have to pay for large or unforeseen issues, you save money in the long run by keeping fixes to your car to a minimum. Although all vehicles see normal wear and tear over the years, maintenance will help keep your bills lower and you can budget exactly what you need for your regular maintenance over multiple months by planning ahead. 

4. Prolong your vehicle’s life

Fewer issues with your vehicle mean its lifetime can be elongated. Whether you’re looking to drive your vehicle for the next 20 years or you’re wanting to sell it in the near future, maintenance is an advantage for both circumstances. 

By regularly taking your vehicle in for checkups, you ensure the vehicle is functioning as it should, save money in the long run, keep your car healthy in the long run and prevent larger issues from transpiring. 



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